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Our goal is to introduce the early leaner to a variety of skills needed in the kindergarten and 1st grade classroom.

Our products introduce letters and their sounds, along with shapes, colors, people, places, concepts and rhymes using attention-grabbing, multicultural animations and pictures. We do this in conjunction with sound effects and a wide variety of music...from classical to country.

Our DVD, books, and activity sheets are specifically designed to introduce readiness material in a fun, non-threatening way. Material is presented using repetition and reinforcement. Animations, sounds, and music were carefully chosen, and particular attention was paid to controlling the volume of our video presentation.

Information is introduced at the preschool level. However, more advanced vocabulary and concepts have also been incorporated in our products.

Parent-Child interaction is an important element in a child's development. We strongly encourage you to watch our DVD and read/color/complete our books and activity sheets along with your child while initiating discussion on what they see, read and hear.

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