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The "ABCs DVD"  introduces the alphabet, identifying letters and their corresponding sounds, together with words that begin with these sounds.This is accomplished through the use of exciting, multi-cultural animations and pictures, in conjunction with sound effects and a wide variety of music...from classical to country.

Material is presented using repetition and reinforcement. Animations, sounds and music were carefully chosen, and particular attention was paid to controlling the volume and pace of this video presentation.

The main feature covers all 26 letters of the alphabet. However, in the Bonus Material  section, you have the option to view the main video in five smaller sections. This was done to accommodate younger viewers with shorter attention spans. The bonus section also includes Digraphs, Fun and Games, and Sign Language ABCs.

  • Color / DVD
  • Main feature approximately 32 minutes
  • Additional 25 minutes of Bonus Material (time does not include five individual ABC sections.)
  • Ages 2+


In keeping with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Nonna and Me videos are recommended for children ages 2 and over.

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